Understanding IP ( Ingress Protection ) Codes 

CRA International would like to show you this little chart. IP Codes are the little IP (ingress protection) numbers that come with locks and handles from Cra International. It shows their suitability for a particular use.  If you’ve manufactured a waterproof enclosure, say, for cleaning purposes or adverse weather conditions, you don’t want the handle to leak […]

CRA International are proud to sponsor Team Winging It, on their crazy adventure that is The Mongol Rally (with a teeny bit of jealousy) 

Dan 21 years old, and David, 23 arrived nice and early at the launch at the Goodwood racetrack on Sunday 17th July, amid family, friends and another 900 or more nutters, awaiting the start of the Mongol Rally -known as the greatest motoring adventure on the planet .  No backup, no support, no camera crew with fridges and […]

CRA International Ltd 

‘Your one stop supply of Industrial Hardware for the Enclosure, HVAC, Vehicle Body Building, and Telecom Industries.’ CRA International bring to you the benefit of a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in the Industrial hardware industry, from gas struts, locking systems, hinges, sealing profiles, handles, through to interior vehicle lighting and ventilation. Through our […]


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