CRA International would like to introduce you to this hugely useful handle. Choose between L or T for your preferred grip.  I find there is more leverage with the L handle, and you can get both hands round it. The T handle is more compact and bijou.  But ultimately, the choice is yours.

The whole point of this compression style handle is so that it compresses tightly against the sealing profile to provide the maximum seal against harsh conditions such as weather, pressure washing, high temperatures, vibration and noise. It is defined as waterproof with it’s IP69K rating according to Nema 4 **

As with most CRA International products, you have choices. A fixed cam position version or with the extended threaded shaft length and counter nut version, you can fix the cam at your desired setting, giving more flexibility, for a whole range of your products.

I can see the maximum potential for these handles  in factories, on ships, on oil rigs or anywhere with adverse conditions.

…..and one more thing…….because they are brushed, they will always look good, and because they are stainless, they will last, and last and last, making them more economical in the long run.

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** NEMA 4 EXPLAINED: National Electrical Manufacturers Association -Types 4: Dust-tight, rain-tight. Indoor or outdoor use. External mechanisms that remain operable when ice-laden. Water-tight, sleet-resistant. Protection against splashing and hose-directed water.

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