A Damper is designed to influence the characteristics of movement by providing velocity or time control for applications requiring the controlled arrest of a weight or lid, when moving from one position to another. Dampers can be used to enhance performance in a variety of Industrial applications.
Dampers are not ‘ vibration ‘ dampers, for example as used in washing machines and they are not dampers required for controlling the sudden stopping of a weight / lid. Our Dampers are for low frequency, velocity or time controlled applications, which may involve 10 to 20 activities per day.

Typical Motion Control Problems:

  • Velocity Control
  • Deceleration Control
  • Momentum Change


Variable rates of damper available using combinations of oil viscosity and piston orifice.

  • Damping can be in both directions and single direction
  • Manufactured using proven technology from our range of gas springs
  • Operating temperatures range from -40°C to +100°C
  • Provide a definable linear, digressive or progressive damping characteristic
  • Can incorporate standard end connector options
  • Units can be custom designed to achieve specific damping and mounting requirements

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