The Econoloc Gas Springs eliminate the need for separate safety rods in critical lift-assist applications.  They positively lock when fully extended, protecting the operator from potential injury in the unlikely event of Gas Spring failure through overload or misuse.

Simple to use, the lockable gas spring operates automatically. When the Gas Spring is fully extended a spring loaded locking shroud moves into place, preventing the Gas Spring from compressing.  The Econoloc gas spring is manually released by applying thumb pressure to the designated area of the locking shroud, allowing the Gas Spring to compress in a controlled manner.

The locking shroud is finished with the same epoxy coating as the Gas Spring body, providing excellent corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance.  A guide inside the shroud prevents scratching of the Gas Spring cylinder.

Our Econoloc Gas Springs combine superior quality with the added safety feature required in many heavy duty applications, such as trucks, construction machinery, switchgear and agricultural equipment.  A single Econoloc Gas spring can be used in conjunction with a standard Swift & Sure Gas Spring.


  • Eliminates the need for separate safety rods in critical lift
  • Safe to use with easy finger-tip control
  • Operates automatically.
  • Custom design‚ sized to your application
  • Custom force setting or adjust-yourself option
  • Over 2‚500 different combinations
  • BS EN ISO 9001 Registered

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