For the uninitiated, I’d like to introduce you to our 68mm stainless steel hinge.

It may look like all the other 68mm stainless steel hinges out there, but our customers were telling us that the issues they were having with the bog standard version were plenty!

For example, there was too much play in the pin, causing inaccuracy when fitting (and subsequently refitting) the doors.

This play also allowed too much movement when operating the doors…and the more movement, the more play this caused, and so on and so on.

We here at CRA International decided this wasn’t good enough for our valued customers.  We wanted to offer increased value for money, so we designed our own version with unique delrin washers which, whilst acting as a self lubricant, tightened the whole function, thus preventing any vertical movement.

The feedback has only been positive:

  • Reduced fitting and assembly time

  • Extended lifetime of the hinge, and thus the doors.

  • Improved performance in the field

These hinges are ideal for lightweight to heavy duty operations, and are proving successful for many applications involving metal or GRP cabinets in the enclosure arena, such as: Gensets, roadside cabinets, compressor housings, plant rooms and bespoke GRP housings to name just a few, and sales have already exceed 25 thousand pieces.

Oh, and they are very shiny and lovely to look at, and sorry, but looks DO matter!    (Oooops. Did I just say that out loud?!)


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