Sealing profiles

Rubber profiles for industrial applications

CRA International supply top quality rubber profiles for a whole host of applications including, but not limited to, air–conditioning and refrigeration units, machinery, production lines, wind power, switchgear housings, tracked crane systems, electrical cabinets and gen sets

Edge protection sealing profiles 

To prevent water entry into equipment and avoid cold temperature adhesion of the seal

Sealing profiles

With or without steel inserts our sealing profiles strengthen all unprocessed edges, such as cable guides and metal, etc
They serve as a sealant and give tolerance, but can also visually improve a system.
Profiles can have self-adhesive mounting surfaces which are equipped for bonding by use of heat–reactive adhesives.
This will allow easy and quick installation on a wide variety of applications.

Rubber profiles for campervans and motorhomes

We can supply sealing profiles of EPDM sealed rubber foam, specifically for these vehicles – for their windows, doors and roof hatches to ensure a great seal against draughts and weather.
The carrier and lip are made of soft PVC in an assortment of shore hardness with a steel clamp.  
You can even choose your own colour, such as beige, grey, and white or off-white

Edge protection sealing profiles for campervans and motorhomes
Again, these can be supplied in different colours to match your interior and they bridge the gap beautifully between the body and door frame.

Window sealing Profiles

This profile can be supplied in various versions with vulcanised or glued frames, in EPDM foam rubber.

Rubber sealing profiles

Co-extruded with foam rubber, and can, on request, be supplied with an anti-friction coating.

Window guide rail

Made from EPDM with flocking and a steel clamp. They are made to a variety of thicknesses to suit the glass.
The flocking assists with sealing and smooth gliding of the glass, and gives anti-vibration properties.

Profiles for Commercial vehicles

If your profiles are for Agricultural or construction vehicles and machinery, CRA International can supply you with more specialist profiles made of materials to withstand the tougher demands of – let’s say – less careful use and more robust cleaning. Any profile that may make contact with lubricants, solvents or oils should be made of Nitrile rubber, or NBR, to give better oil resistant qualities.  

Profiles for Cars

Edge protection Sealing Profiles

CRA international supply these to seal door frames and are required with various curves for the many types of cars, with the purpose of making a watertight seal, reducing noise and preventing draughts.

Sealing Profiles

Made of EPDM, they attach easily to an existing groove for the perfect seal.

Window Guide Rails

Again made of EPDM with flocking and clamps, in various thicknesses to suit any window. They will improve window glide,

prevent vibration and reduce noise

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