When gas springs are used, it is often found that theoretical forces will be incorrect because factors such as hinge friction and perceived speed of action will have a bearing on calculations.

Therefore, a gas spring has been devised with an adjustable force. Called Vari-Lift, not only can it be adjusted to meet individual preferences, but it can also be adjusted whilst in position, saving you both time and effort.

These gas springs are charged to their maximum force during manufacture. By using the standard tool provided, gas can be gradually released via the Vari-Lift valve to provide the force suited to your application.  Once this has been established, we are able to measure this force and provide fixed force gas springs to your precise requirement.

WARNING: The force can be adjusted downwards only.

Vari-Lift gas springs can also be used if panel weights vary.  These will then allow you to provide the perfect solution to your customer’ needs every time.  Spring force ranges from 5kg (11lbs) to 250kg (550lbs) with standard strokes from 40mm (1.57”) to 500mm (19.69”).

Vari-Lift versions of the below gas spring ranges are available:

Swift & Sure: Our Standard Lift Gas Spring.

Econoloc: A gas spring that locks automatically on full extension for safety.

Stop & Stay: A gas spring that lifts and stays in any desired position.

Stainless Steel Swift & Sure: The ideal gas spring for high corrosion and clean environments.


  • No Need to calculate force
  • Adjustable to any force within the range
  • Force can be adjusted after installation, simple adjustment using standard tool supplied
  • Ideal for Prototyping and short production runs
  • Ideal where application weights vary
  • Available as an option to most types of Gas Springs on request

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